Let robots go where humans cannot! 

Smart humanoid robots as screening agents and caregivers. 

Mitra Robot At Yatarth hospital

Watch Mitra in action

Check out how Mitra robot has taken over patient screening at a leading hospital

What can Mitra robot do at your hospital?


Do accurate thermal screening with advanced computer vision and ask relevant questions through voice.


Welcome your patients and collect their details over voice. Optionally also verify their information.

Family connect

Mitra connects the patients to their family and loved ones via video. This helps in improving the mental well-being & accelerate recovery.


Enable fun feedbacks for the customers via video or text. The data generated will be collected for further analysis generating valuable insights.

Why Mitra? 

Smart humanoid robot brings the following innovation aspects to your healthcare facility

 Screening+ registration

 Complete the screening process in seconds via conversation & reduce risk of exposure of the healthcare workers.

Seamless tele-consultation

Our robots can interact with the patients and set-up remote consultations with the doctors.


Better patient engagement 

Get the world's most famous robot to wow your visitors & put smiles in your patients.

What our hospital customers are saying

"For patients fighting Covid, seeing a humanoid with whom they can interact with brings positivity, generates good hormones and helps with their mental well being. Apart from that, Mitra also helps out the health staff."

- Dr. Rahul singh, HOD, Covid-ICU, Yatharth hospital

“I feel connected to my family, we mostly discuss on my health. I am feeling a lot better now.”

- Makhanlal Qazi, retired government Bureaucrat

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